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The Rebellious Beatitudes

The Rebellious Beatitudes


Blessed are the rebels,

the reprobates and the recalcitrant.

Blessed is their mind,

that pierces through the illusion.


Blessed are the Revolutionaries,

the insubordinates and the delinquents.

Blessed is their quest,

to write a new tomorrow. 


Blessed are the drunks,

the drunkard, and the thirsty.

Those craving more.

You are more. 


Blessed are the bandits and Barabbas.

The street disciples and the outlaws.

Righteousness, too is within you.

You too are a blessed story.


Blessed are the prostitutes.

The beautiful souls gripped by life’s pimp hand.

You too are blessed. 

You too are beautiful.


Blessed are the drug dealers,

for they too will know God, 

and they too will know love,

and know the drug fiend is his brother and…him.


Blessed are the fallen,

for they will rise again.

Blessed are the underdogs,

for they will have their day.


Blessed are the guilty,

the craven and depraved.

Those restrained in the sepsis of unconsciousness;

those reaching for light in the dark with their eyes closed. 


There is always light.

Open your eyes.

See God in your reflection.

That is the Ultimate rebellion.

Toe to Toe

Toe to Toe

Nature Boy

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