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Hooks in My Skin

Hooks in My Skin


Your hands grasp me—

a gentle pull, the tug of sweet wind on a summer day,

as welcome as the air I breathe.

You hold on

and I let you, alive in the rush of


a comfort to calm my bleeding heart.

Your fingers dig in

clinging desperately to what’s not there.

The sting of regret and loss,

but it’s not enough.

You let go.

Too consumed in yourself,

you didn’t notice I was slipping away.

Invisible nail marks that will take

far too long to heal

and haven’t yet.

Bleeding need and want;

a painful memory.

Sharp reminders of what was and wasn’t there

and what I wished for there to be.

Empty hearts and vivid memories.

Ode to Happy Endings

Ode to Happy Endings

Purple Marshmallow

Purple Marshmallow