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The Loss of the Ones Who Care

The Loss of the Ones Who Care


I stand my ground on burning fields

As from the dirt rises new light

I close my eyes in somber sleep

As I give up this useless fight

As I rest my soul and all eternal

I gaze out among the grass

I see the shallow wind in its breeze

As the daylight comes to pass

I feel the brisk air between my toes

The morning dew still sodden

I raise my arms and embrace the light

All my fear is trodden

This is a happy place

Far better than the world before

It was like quicksand, the draining task

But this is the end of the war

If only they could see me now

As I drift among the petals of spring

They would laugh and wipe their tears

And no longer feel the sting

For loss is a wrench in the heart

A horrible, unbearable ordeal

However, I am not in the worst of places

Even if my presence is concealed

For I will always be there

A hidden star in the clouding night

I will always be there

Even if out of sight

So I look to new horizons

As the angels sing my name

I look down to the Earth below me

Leaving almost feeling shame

I see them cry in agony

Their eyes on my open tomb

They are missing their loved one

With a void like an empty womb

They cry out to God

Asking why He took me

Don’t they know the happy truth?

That now He has set me free?

I shed a tear for my death

A pain that I cannot bare

But not for the loss of myself, of course

But for the loss of the ones who care

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