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I wake up.

I only see darkness.

I feel my face.

Where am I?

I crawl on my hands.

I crawl on my feet.

I reach a wall.

There’s something peeling off.

I dig at the wall.

Dirt comes off.

Light leaks in.

What’s outside?

I dig more.

Much faster now.

The wall crumbles.

I crawl through the hole.

It’s a hallway.

The lights are dim.

The walls are gray.

What is this place?

I walk down the hall.

I see a door.

I scramble towards it.

I break it down.

What the...?

The sky is red.

The ground is brown.

I hear faint noise.

There are things in the sky.

Where are the buildings?

Where are the flowers?

Where are the people?

I see something shine on the ground.

It’s a hand-mirror.

I catch a glimpse, but for a second.

I am surprised, shocked, at what I see.

I hear a scream, a yell, a noise.

Everything goes black.

And, Over

And, Over

Strength to Overcome

Strength to Overcome