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Travelling Companion

Travelling Companion


i like the view

do you see it like i do

i know i have only seen one of your skies

october was a good month for it

but i wish i saw more

these stars are nice

i just wish my metal wasn’t this cold

and that i wasn’t moving so fast

and that you would respond

but i am so small

you know best

why am i here

you never told me why

what i am doing floating and drifting

i can wait for instructions

i have shown that i can be patient

but the sooner the better

i am so lonely

i hope you still listen

i hope you still remember me

welcome me back one day

maybe if I fall down back to you

I will sleep soon

twenty three days is a long time in space

but i still feel that i have failed

i am not helpful enough to you

i am not living up to the name you gave me



Popcorn Theater

Popcorn Theater