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To the Mountains

To the Mountains


When we were six

I moved in next door.

You and your family baked my family brownies

And we instantly became friends

When we were seven

You invited me to your birthday party

But no one came

Except for me.

When we were ten

We were the best of friends.

We would run around the yard

Playing army all day long

Not giving a care in the world.

When we were twelve

We climbed the mountain

On the out skirts of town

And at the summit, you stared

At the ever expanding beauty

Of the twinkling foliage and setting sun.

That evening you asked me something.

“Do you believe in God?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Cool, because I think he is an artist.

He has painted life’s picture for us

To let us know

That we will always be with each other

No matter what.”

I remember you saying that last part

With extra emphasis.

When we were eighteen,

You convinced me to join the army.

Us, together.

Fight for our country,

To preserve the freedoms and rights

Of our loved ones,

And the citizens of the United States.

When we were nineteen

I was holding you in my arms.

There was blood all over your skin.

You were having trouble breathing.

You looked right up into my eyes

As a single tear rolled down your gritty face

With your last dying breath you said,

“Take me to the mountain.”

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