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Popcorn Theater

Popcorn Theater


This would be a pretty bad movie

writing a stilly poem

a silly poem about myself.

A coming of age movie of a kid

a kid whose family travels around the world

all because their dad works for an airline

an airline that works him to the bone

who forced him to sacrifice his talent

So much that his

I wouldn’t watch that movie.

Maybe a movie of a group of friends

they all succumb to their vices

and become so interesting and so edgy

while one stays the same

and the kids wonder if that one will grow up

and that one will grow up wondering.

I think I’ve watched that one before.

How about an indie film about a kid who doesn’t fit in

it can have all those acoustic songs and not have a happy ending.

filled with things you don’t want to see on a Friday night.

maybe it can get an award for being real enough

when the hero ends up not getting an award for anything.

Sounds a bit too pretentious for me, too deep for me.

Everyone could go for a romantic comedy

People meet, they think it’s fated.

You give them half a year

The only thing that was fated was that it’d end up hurting

And then someone falls and everyone laughs.

After all, if they focused on the all the kissing

it would be a comedic romance.

I could go for a laugh every once in awhile

What about a nice movie

everything goes according to plan

it’s about a person who misses their dogs

wants what’s best for the people they loves

and maybe gets to be happy sometimes.

That sounds like a feel good movie.

I’ll pay for the ticket.

You buy the popcorn.

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