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Down In Alabama

Down In Alabama


Down in Alabama

Lives a man in black

He’s tall yet shallow

Locks fall down his back

The kids place to place

Tell tales of his life

“He steals little dogs”

“He killed his sweet wife”

He closes his gate

And locks in the light

The day is now done

And a big blaze ignites

Eyes in the window

A child of kinds

Sees the man in black

Who hadn’t closed the blinds

Stacks of white

A place of wood

The child eyes wide

How tall he has stood

The moon is showing

The tall man has sat

He opens a book

Like a cave to a bat

Moments pass

And both sit silent

“Expose the skeleton,

Show me the violent.”

He waits and waits

“Something is off”

The most excitement

Was a wee little scoff

“Maybe he knows

Some eyes lay on him

What will I tell

Amy, Bobby and Tim?”

Then, only then

The man is awake

He stands on his feet

“Oh goodness sake”

He moves to his bed

The flames dead and slow

Gap in the moment

To the window he goes

The small little boy

Sleepy and jaded

Did not notice

All he’d invaded

Who steps in my home?

Who sleeps in my patch?

Who goes a bad child?

By thee leg I will catch!

The boy snatches his bag

The gate opens a gape

He looks to the lights

“How do I escape?”

Shadows come float

By the boy in the soil

“please, please I didn-”

“By thee leg I will boil!”

In time, the boy slips

by the big wooden gate

who once was the pole

became the man’s bait

Miles along

The little boy’s path

He finally stopped

And took in a gasp

He looked to the sky

To his knees did he fall

“I won’t go again,

Not once, not at all”



The Rush

The Rush