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These are the vines that bind.

Your movement will slow

Your options taken

Hope will leave with your breath

Knot, constrict, and devastate

This is the strength that kills.

You will not resist an impact

You will not stand a collision

You will not survive the encounter

It attacks and attacks and attacks

These are the winds that pounce.

Their strikes followed by thunder

Their movement matched with cracks

They will take the shortest path to you

Up every wall and down every pit

This is the fire that burns.

Its power is unrelenting

Its spirit is determined

that determination won’t end with you

Your history will smoke and crumble

These are the blades that bite.

They will break your steel

They will cut your skin underneath

Your heart and your soul are next

With swings, with cuts, with slashes

This is the team that ends.

All of their offensives you must face

All of their defensives you must defeat

And you will face them all

You cower, you scream, you hide.

But you don’t have to fight them alone

The Deep, Rough Purr of the Engine

The Deep, Rough Purr of the Engine

Travelling Companion

Travelling Companion