In a classroom during an exam
A teacher pretends not to notice a note being passed.

And somewhere on a lake in a wooden boat
A fisherman curses as he reels in a boot.

And over some beach on the 4th of July
A Roman Candle shoots with a screech.

And on a busy street in Chicago
Some kid in a trenchcoat and fedora screams broken Japanese at a stranger.

In the distance a plane falls from the sky
And an ambulance screeches
And a pirateship fires its cannons
And a thunderclap rocks an apartment complex
And two men scream at each other in different tongues
And Serj Tankian records a song that for some reason he will never release to the public
And Thor's hammer slams into a frost giant
And a tornado picks up and throws somebody's shitty old Buick

But don't worry, Baby.
I can keep a secret.