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Let Me Love You

Let Me Love You


To say love

Is such a complicated

Forced piece of language


And If I could show


How I feel

About you

Let me embrace you

As the latest summer days

Kiss the earth

The hue of gold


Let me lift you up


In the cool rush of rocking

That serenades the eastern currents


Take your fears


And fall them to me


I'll catch them in my hands


And crush them

With all the fury

For the way that I

Starkly hate

The sad way

You let them bound your free spirit


I know who you are


I see the beauty

Left in every step

That you leave behind

On this trail

I see the all of you

The bits and pieces

You try to conceal

Every single thing

You have rued

During your time on this blessed earth

To simply contain

The color of your eyes

The sound of your name


All I am asking of you, dear

Let me love you



Into the Cold

Into the Cold