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To Those Who Fall

To Those Who Fall


Maybe there was always a little bit too much sparkle to my eyes

Relentless wishful thought

Dreams of things

That maybe weren't real


Over time I learned the hard way


Fell out of the sky a few times

And looked up

Wondering where I had went wrong


I thought it was on me

I had mistaken somehow

When I poured my soul

Into what was important to me


You were important to me

At one point

Lingering in our recent past

And I looked upon you

As if you were magic

And I never once caught you doing the same


That hurt

Still does at times

But I know what I deserve now

And there's a boy

Who steals glances at my smiling face

And runs his hands along my young grin

He makes me see

That love lost had nothing to do

With me


-The Fallen


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