You have come such a long way. The person you have grown into is the person I always knew you were and could be. You have accomplished so much in the past couple of years. You had your moments where you doubted yourself, and had to deal with crappy people, but you said screw them, and left them in the past. Your life is like a long road trip. You're always looking out you're windshield, cautious of what's ahead. Looking to make sure you take the right roads. Some times you went left when you should have gone right. But you found a back road to get you back on track. It might have been bumpy, but you made it. Don't forget to also check the rear view mirror every once in a while to. You don't want to forget where you've already been. It will only make you stronger. I remember when you're grandfather passed away. That sucked. You loved him so much, and never got the chance to say goodbye. But now he's with you. Everywhere you go. Those buoys hanging off your rear view mirror; that's him. Wherever you go, he's there with you. He's going for the ride with you. Remember that you didn't need to say good bye, because he's still with you. High school was another bumpy back road. You were depressed, anxious, and just about done with everything. I'm so friggen happy you got through that time. You had me scared to hell. Please remember, you are valuable. You have so much to offer the world, and the world has so much to offer you. Keep driving, and soon enough you'll reach your destination. Never change.