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The Ballad of the Knight

The Ballad of the Knight


The bell rings out,

My sword, my shield,

The rushing crowd,

Into the field,

The monster we face,

I shall not yield.


My foe stands before me.


Unsheathe my blade

Into the fray.

To live or die,

I dare not say.

My comrades fall,

Blood’s shed this day.


Fighting strong with both hands.


At last I stand

Above the mound.

It flies above

Way off the ground.

Piercing the air

With frightening sound.


The monster stares me down.


I shout out loud,

My battle cry.

I face him now,

It’s do or die.

In front of me,

Down from the sky.


Still, he stares me down.


The battle starts

With those still left

We fight until

Our final breath.

But my friends leave

For the land of death


Finally, I stand alone.


Both of us,

I and the beast

Look at our wounds,

To see who’s least.

Victory’s for you,

On bones you’ll feast.


All my fear is gone.


Stabbing, slashing,

I fight my way.

Cutting, gouging,

Hope makes me stay.

Chopping, killing,

I win this day.


“The dragon’s dead,” I proudly say.


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