Have you ever felt it? That sense of freedom that embraces you while gazing at the ocean surf? For me, observing one breaker after another crashing against the rocks on the back shore creates a paradox of thought.

Looking intently at the precise changes in light, value, and color exacting spots in the surf focuses my thoughts… but only for a few seconds. This is not very liberating, but in the next instant, I can bounce back out to taking in the whole view. Liberation is brought by the pounding of the surf.

The changes in the value, color, and form at the ocean shore opens the door to abstract thought. In order to see those differences, one must pay attention. Focus in to see the changes in light and atmosphere that make the surf appear different from one moment to the next. Focus in and see the change; because when it’s over, everything is different.

What a great awareness it is when you can relax your mind and know nothing is the same from one moment to the next. It is grace from above that allows me to appreciate this paradox of time and thought. That is freedom.