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From the moment she entered my life I knew--

All my cloudy days would turn clear and blue,

And my lonely nights I could bid adieu.

The sun glows brighter with each passing day

With each golden ray that shines upon me,

the night sky seems to be infused

With Michelangelo’s colorful hues.

As I gaze upon the starlit view,

I discover the passion of her in my arms.

And my heart seems to fly with the eagle on high

I’ll always want to be around

To give her a hug when she’s feeling down

And to kiss away her troubles, to be her clown.

When she smiles her smile, my heart begins to melt.

Into pools of emotion I have never felt.

But the greatest feeling I’ve ever had

Was the first time she whispered,

“I love you, Granddad!”

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