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Fast Life

Fast Life


Roth was right; people are caught up in the fast life--

But life’s way too short to worry about a past strife.  

Keep your head up and keep it looking forward

If you had the choice, how would you write your foreword?

Life has its valleys and it’s definitely got its peaks,

Like saying chubby bunny with 16 marshmallows stuffed in your cheeks.

It’s not always easy so please don’t be greedy.  

Go a little crazy, get a little freaky, at the end of the day just love deeply.

Love completely; hold on to your sweetie

And so what if I get a little cheesy

Gotta live through the rain before you can appreciate the sunshine

Nothing like a beautiful day, good friends, and a couple bottles of wine

Some days may suck and seem a little yucky,

But Roth reminded me that we are all very lucky.



His Throne was Built on Whispers

His Throne was Built on Whispers