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W o r d s

W o r d s


I will always advocate for the art of writing

and the everlasting company of heavy old books

It seems hard to make time for anything these days

but in the loudness of my mind

my time makes room for writing


Within ourselves, deep into our depths

our greatest pains alongside our proudest moments-

even when consciousness appears sinfully silent,

there is something that has to be written


How can you live a life, so full,

and not release the beauty within you?

for this is why I live

to read the beauty within others

because looks may provide an easy thrill

and touch may linger in the lonely hours of the evening

yet, when I read the thoughts of another

I carry their words every single day


They grant me hope,

and inspire me to strike this page

in an overwhelming happiness


For I read your words yesterday,

and in this small cafe,

I can feel my lungs taking in the sweet

air that once felt lifeless

because words bring life

and there are gardens taking sprout in my mind.


Picturesque Photos in a Broken Frame

Picturesque Photos in a Broken Frame